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A Little Bit of Coffee & a Whole lotta Jesus - Hand Stamped Vintage Coffee Spoon - $20.00

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All you need in the morning is A Little Bit of Coffee & A Whole Lotta Jesus!

Perfect to give with a unique Mug, a sweet love note and a bag of your coffee lover's favorite brew!

♥ 2013 jessicaNdesigns Original (TM)

***This listing is for ONE (1) 'a little bit of COFFEE & a whole lotta JESUS' vintage teaspoon.

♥ The Style of spoon will vary depending on what I have in stock.

This spoon is inspired by a print by Recipe for Crazy inspired by the Book Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

★ NOTE ABOUT HAND STAMPING: I hand stamp each letter one at a time. Therefore, letters & numbers will not be perfectly straight or perfectly lined up. Each impression will and some letters or numbers may be a lighter or deeper impression as I am not a machine press. But who wants that anyway? Give me imperfect, handmade character any day!

♥ Please read my policies page before ordering! Important info about policies and Shipping:

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