LOVE YOUR AMAZING BODY - As Seen on The Body Book Instagram


As featured by The Body Book Instagram account, the amazing book by Cameron Diaz!

This is available as a teaspoon (which is about 6" in length) or a serving spoon (which is about 9" in length). The spoon featured on @TheBodyBook is a serving spoon!

You'll receive the size spoon you choose, stamped with LOVE YOUR AMAZING BODY and adorned with a cute heart!

Please note, if you choose a teaspoon, the layout of the wording will be different in order to fit on the spoon.

Please read the entire description before ordering!

Styles and patterns vary widely and you will not receive the exact spoon(s) you see in image listings.

Please read my policies page before ordering! Important information about production time and shipping!

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NOTE ABOUT HAND STAMPING: I hand stamp each letter one at a time. Therefore, letters & numbers will not be perfectly straight or perfectly lined up. Each impression will and some letters or numbers may be a lighter or deeper impression as I am not a machine press. But who wants that anyway? Give me imperfect, handmade character any day!

NOTE ABOUT VINTAGE SILVERWARE: These pieces are previously used, authentic vintage pieces. They are not "vintage like" or "vintage look". I use only the best of what is sourced for me. However, since these pieces have all had a previous life they will show signs of use such as dings, scratches, imperfect tines, and pitting. If shiny new silverware is what you are after then these are not for you!

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